POLS 1303A1 Quiz One Part 2.1

Robert Houle from the book Land Spirt Power
“For the people of Kanestà:ke and Kahnawake it was state terrorism, the act of war without a declaration of war, so that there is no formal protection of civil rights or internationally regulated political rights……Ironically, the warriors used the western patriarchically controlled mediascape to disseminate their own rehetoric of a democratic politics based on matriarchal principles of rule; this is, on the traditional form of the Longhouse society, which is not ruled by the technocratic specialists of the war machine. That is what made the warriors ‘look’ dangerous – they presnted a face not recognized by or fully understandable to the non-native military machine”

This quote on page 174 demonstrates the perception of power depending on how a person is involved or looks at a certain situation. In this case, the warriors actually used the media to generate its control within the standoff and this was probably a more powerful weapon in their cause then any form of violence may have been. Power was also achieved because the military was not use to dealing with such opposition. This in itself provided the warriors with a degree of power that they themselves probably did not count on. Clearly this demonstrates that the potential strengths of an opponent can be used against them. The military as well as the federal government were being watched by Canadians with a more critical eye than the unknown warriors with whom they were confronting.


Pols 1303A1 Quiz One Part 2.0

Quote #2.
This quote speaks to the dynamics of political socialization and the perspective of the media. During this time of crisis the media was focused on what was happening day to day in terms of the conflict between the native warriors and the soilders of the Canadian Army. The media did not attempt to tell the historical facts of what lead to actions of the native people because that would have no interest to the Canadian public at large. The government of the day was mostly interested in returning things to the previous normal state because this was the expectation of Canadians and it would eliminate the perception of conflict with Aboriginal communities. This quote highlights the fact that sensational news sells and quiet government is desired by politicians.

Quote #4
This quote refers to a classic circumstance when one elected government must follow through on the work and commitments of a previous government. In this case, the Liberal party needed to move forward the recommendations of the RCAP which was created by the Conservatives. Through the use of its political power as a result of being elected, the Liberals only acted on a few of the 100 recommendations. This allowed them to demonstrate that they were sensitive to the Aboriginal peoples but were not obliged to follow through on the commitment of the previous government. The result was most likely the development of more mistrust between the Aboriginal communities and the federal governemnt.

Quote #5
In a strange twist of circumstance the actual concept of power rested with the warriors as opposed to the forces of the federal government through the use of the Canadian miltary. While the native warriors were small in number in comparison to the military they held a large degree of power simply by there determination and passion for what they believe in. This caused the situation to gain unbelievable media coverage over a long period of time. Not only did this help the natives to gain support, it always put the government under a microscope for every decision it made and every action it took. Clearly this is an example of how power can achieved even though a group may not have the authority or resources as their opponent but their strategy and determination gave them the true power in the situation.

Quote #8 (“Red Hot” pg 185)
This piece of artwork is simple in its design and layout but it is powerful in its messaging. The artist used the newspaper articles and photos surrounding the events which occured over a period of time and brought them together to deliver a powerful image and strong message in single piece of art. I found it unique that an artist would use the work of others, in this case newspaper reporters, and create her own work of art that delivered a collection of important media messaging in one single form. This demonstrates the power of the media and the power of artist to present the same stories in a different form.

Media Analysis Week Five

Major News Story

“The federal government is considering its options for handling a threat by Air Canada flight attendants to walk off the job as early as Thursday.

The 6,800 flight attendants have rejected a tentative deal reached between their union and the airline and are poised to go on strike at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the union said in a news release Sunday.

Air Canada said it hopes to avoid a work stoppage but will maintain a partial schedule in the event of a strike.

Customers who have already bought tickets to fly over the next six days will be allowed to change their travel dates at no charge, the airline said.”

I thought this was a major news story considering how Air Canada is like biggest airline company operating in Canada. If this airline shuts down then many people will be without access to the places they need to go. This could affect peoples jobs, family and their lives in general. This would be a huge change to many Canadians.

Under-reported Story

“Germany is denying accusations it has been using malicious software to spy on people through their computers.

The Chaos Computer Club, one of Europe’s premier “white hat” hacker organizations, said over the weekend it was sent a copy of a piece of malware that is derived from a program German authorities use to use to snoop on suspected criminals.

The malware allows a cyberattacker to snatch data from a victim’s hard drive, upload programs remotely and run them, and use a computer’s camera and microphone for surveillance, the group said.

It also has weaknesses that could permit anyone to use its features, to plant falsified evidence on someone’s computer or possibly to even log in to government servers and compromise them, the club said.

It did not provide any evidence that any German security services were behind the malware, classified as a Trojan horse because it enters systems apparently benignly with the ultimate goal of exploiting them. But the group said the software is essentially the same as a program that federal authorities use to wiretap voice-over-internet phone calls”


I feel as though this story should be out more considering how this might be happening in places other then Germany. This could be happening in many countries and we have no idea. This kind of news needs to be adresseed to everyone because people need to be aware of how to protect themselves from crimes like this one. In todays society there is no privacy online or on computers in general and people need to realize that.

Reflective Journal Week Five

I found this weeks discussion very interesting in the sense that everything that we talked about every person could relate too. The constitution protects every Canadian from unfair treatment under the law. It also made me realize that maybe it is a time for a change in our constitution. Our country has changed alot since 1982 and we need to change our constitution to adapt to those changes.
I find our class discussion the most interesting because we get to see so many opinions and get to understand so many other perspectives.
I mentioned my seminar book in week four reflective journal.

Research Discovery Week Five

After googling Robert Lovelace, uranium mining, human rights, a lot of websites came up. What I discovered was that Robert Lovelace was jailed for 6 months because he would not allow mining exploration on the land that he lives on without his permission. Chief Donny Morris of the Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) community, four councillors and one community member were also jailed along with Robert Lovelace. They have also been given huge additional fines.

“These Aboriginal leaders were not only protecting indigenous laws, they were also protecting the Canadian constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court of Canada, which says that governments must consult with Aboriginal Nations before licensing mining exploration on their lands.” – http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=386

This was exactly what we were talking about in class. There are rights set in place that are suppose to protect them, the Canadian constitution. It shocks me that these people were still arrested even though there are rights in place against treatment like this.

Beyond the Text Theme Quest Week Five


Why is it that you can only read stuff like this on a blog?
Because human rights and politically correct control the fog,
What we need is one politician to tell it like it is,
And compulsory voting for all Canadian election biz.

We need binding referendums and judicial reviews,
Because ordinary Canadians always seem to lose,
We need plebiscites and proportional representation,
And prisoners to stay in jail for their whole sentence duration.

We need death with dignity and political propositions,
We need to be able to recall useless politicians,
Why does our court system have publication bans here and there?
We may need a new constitution if anyone really cares

James Bredin

I chose to talk about this poem because it ties into what we were talking about this past week about the constituation. This poem is very recent and it talks about the issues that we as Canadians face today. This poem cuts right down to the core and gets to the main issue. The author tells it how it is and doesnt hold back. I think if more Canadians voiced their opinion like this author a lot more change would come about.

Question of the Week Five

Is it time for Canada to get a new constitution? Would that be the best idea for Canada?

Media Analysis Week Four


Major News Story

Greece to miss deficit targets despite austerity

“Greece will miss a deficit target set just months ago in a massive bailout package, according to government draft budget figures released on Sunday, showing that drastic steps taken to avert bankruptcy may not be enough.

The dire forecasts came while inspectors from the International Monetary Fund, EU and European Central Bank, known as the troika, were in Athens scouring the country’s books to decide whether to approve a loan tranche. Without that installment, Greece would run out of cash as soon as this month.

European officials are scrambling to avert an abrupt Greek bankruptcy, which would wreck the balance sheets of European banks, jeopardise the future of the single currency and potentially plunge the world into a new global financial crisis.”


Curently  around the world there is an economic crisis occuring.  In the United States they have seen families lose their jobs, their homes and businesses. In Canada, our government is talking of major reductions in government spending and the need for Canadians to be smart with their money.  But how real is the risk and would the government let it happen. Well the risk is very real and it is very possible it could happen in Canada given the events that are taking place in Greece over the past year or so.  Even with all the financial support from other European countries, Greece is on the edge of total financial collapse.   

Under-reported News Story

Daily aspirin tied to risk of vision loss

 “Seniors who take aspirin daily are twice as likely to have late stage macular degeneration, an age-related loss of vision, than people who never take the pain reliever, a new European study reports.

The data do not show that aspirin causes vision loss. But the findings are of concern if aspirin somehow exacerbates the eye disorder, researchers say, given how many seniors take it daily for heart disease.”


I’ve noticed since I started following the news over the past couple of years the stories related to risks in medical treatments and medicines never seem to be big news, unless there is a major loss of life or a lawsuit.  In my opinion this because the large medical companies involved have a lot of money and potential influence with the governments.  This is wrong because the health of citizens should be the main focus and not the companies making money. I think this is another example of the “power of big business”.

Reflective Journal – Week Four

After this weeks discussions about media and how much it really affects our society, it got me thinking about how much it affected me personally. I own a BlackBerry, laptop, facebook account, twitter account and use youtube regularly. Now if all of these were taken away from me I would feel very unconnected to the world and I would have no idea what was going on with the people around me. It really made me realize how much I depend on mass media and technology in my everyday life.

The global warming book that I choose to read was Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.

After finishing up the book, The Honor Song, it really came together and allowed me to see how much this event affected the entire Mohawk tribe and Canada in general. All of the different ways people expressed how they felt and what they experienced was really different and interesting then just reading a really long novel. Overall, it was a great and inspiring read.

Research Discovery Week Four – Sisters in Spirit

Sisters in Spirit initiative is a group of Aboriginal women that raise awarness about violence against Aboriginal women and young girls. There is a high rate of violence against this group of individuals and Aboriginal women felt it would be important to bring this issue to a national level. Sisters in Spirit was formed in 2005 and has been working closely with families who’s love ones have been victims of this horrible crime to come up with ways to prevent this from happening again. This is an excellent initiative that is making an huge impact within the Aboriginal womans community and makes a positive difference within our society.

For more information: http://www.nwac.ca/programs/sisters-spirit