Research Discovery Week One – Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

After reading about how the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act came into effect, it honestly shocked me. How is it possible for a bill to be passed when only six out of 435 congress persons were present to vote? I think that a bill should not be able to be passed if less then half of the congress is present, especially given this occured in a democratic venue. Another statement made that totally shocked me was the fact that six animal rights activists were sentenced to 22 years in prison just because they wanted to expose illegal and inhumane actions that were being taken place within a company. This is more of a sentence then some convicted persons get for taking the life of another person.They were able to be sentenced because of the AET Act. What about those people that are responsible for cruel acts against animals such as dog fighting. This act takes away a persons right to voice their opinion about a topic and its goes to extreme of putting people in jail because of how they feel. Its unbelieveable to think that something like this act wasn’t publicized to make people aware of what is going. It just goes to show how media can be influenced by a government act or possibly corporations to advise us of what  is going on within our society.

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