Research Discovery Week Two – Nunavut at Five

Nunavut at Five was a social gathering and meeting where individuals came together to discuss the progress of the new territory. Not only has it grown into it’s own place and culture in only a matter of five short years, but it still has a long  journey ahead. This symposium took place in the Spring of 2004 in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. A lot took place over the 3 days that the symposium was held. One of the most unique activites that took place was when Dr. Peter Irniq with the help of Acadia University and the community of Wolfville created an Inukshuk. This was more than just a statue or a piece of art.  It is clearly and everlasting symbol of unity and a new beginning for both communities.I think its great to see a place so far away from Nunavut take the time to celebrate the success that the territory has accomplished. Dr. Peter Irniq, who was at the time  of the symposium, the Commissioner of Nunavut was at this gathering and made an informational speech about the success Nunavut has made and what still lies ahead for the territory.  These historic meetings are another example of why Canada is often refered to as a “mosaic” of cultures. Since the symposium took place Nunavut has become a growing na dsecure territory within the Dominion of Canada. 

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