Media Analysis Week One

Major News Story

Harper To Make 2nd China Trip In November

“Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will visit China for the second time in November.

The trip is expected to boost further Ottawa’s trade and politic ties with Beijing.

As the U.S. economy slowed down, Canada is seeking to expand its commercial and economic linkages with other markets, particularly those from the emerging economies.”

Given that the Canadian economy, as well as the global economy, appears to be heading for a recession I find it interesting that the Prime Minister wants to strengthen an economical relationship with a country such as China. I feel it would be more important for Mr. Harper to focus his attention on job creation, supporting buissness developement and reducing the unemployement rate in Canada as apposed to developing economics with another country.

Under-reported Story  

Ontario Liberals promise post-secondary tuition cut

“The Ontario Liberals promise to cut post-secondary tuition rates by 30 per cent for lower- and middle-class families as part of an election campaign platform released Monday by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

The tuition cut, which will apply to full-time students in undergraduate programs, would be available as a grant for students whose families earn less than $160,000 a year, if the Liberals are re-elected in the Oct. 6 vote.

The Liberals say the cut would mean an annual saving of about $1,600 per university student and more than $700 for every student enrolled in college.

The funds from the tuition cut would be sent to each institution, then applied to students’ tuition bills.”

This story only seemed to be news worthy in the province of Ontario and did not get much attention in the rest of the country. One might say that this was because it only effects Ontario during a provincal election. However, it is my opinion that other provincal governments would be greatly effected if they were forced to adopt similar postions on reducing tution costs to students. The province of Prince Edward Island is also currently involved in a provincal election and such a promise would have drastic effects on its provincal budget and taxes due to the small population base. I looked for this story in the P.E.I newspaper but couldn’t locate it.

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