Media Analysis Week Two

Major News Story

GG won’t use veto to stop gov’t from axing wheat board

“Gov. Gen. David Johnston says it isn’t his place to interfere in the Harper Conservative government’s plan to eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly despite a plebiscite that suggest farmers don’t want to do that.

Johnston was answering questions Tuesday at the University of Saskatchewan.

He says 150 years ago, the governor general may have had a theoretical right to veto a bill and did so from time to time.

But Johnston said that day is gone.

Just over 60 per cent of Prairie wheat growers and 51 per cent of barley growers voted in favour of maintaining the monopoly.

Fifty-five per cent of eligible wheat producers and 47 per cent of barley growers participated in the vote.”

I chose this article for two specific reasons. The first being that this decision directly effects my mothers family who are grain farmers in Saskatchewan and this affects me personally. My mothers family relies on farming to support themselves as well as feeding the world. Secondly, I was interested in the GG’s comments regarding the authority  of his position in todays political environment as compared to 150 years ago.  This makes me question if the position and expenses of the GG is truely nesscary for the proper functioning of a Canadian government. In my opinion this postion is more symbolic than what is truely required to run a democratic government.

Under-reported Story

Defence Department scraps plans to honour Afghanistan veterans

“The Defence Department has shelved an elaborate proposal to revamp the National War Memorial to honour Canadians who fought in Afghanistan.

The plan, a copy of which was seen by The Canadian Press, involved etching the dates 2001-2011 into the granite sides of the downtown monument that was first erected to honour the sacrifices of troops during the First World War.

The proposal also recommended a commemoration ceremony, preferably on Remembrance Day this year, that would have involved the families of 157 soldiers who died throughout the combat mission, which concluded in Kandahar this summer.

It also suggested a stone-and-marble memorial, erected behind the Canadian headquarters in Kandahar, be brought to Ottawa and reassembled at the Beechwood Cemetery, where many casualties of the Afghan campaign are buried.”

I decided to comment on this decision because I believe that it is appropriate for a momument be erected to remember those who lost their lives during the war in Afghanistan. These Canadian soilders gave the ultiment sacrafice in the protection of the world against global terriorism. While driving the other day I saw a bumper sticker that read “If you aren’t behind our troops, get out infront of them”.  I found this to be a simple yet powerful message in terms of what they are doing not only for us but peace around the world.

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