Research Discovery Week Three – Political Compass

I went to this site and took the Political Compass test and  was surprised with where my results were plotted.  On the graph I am located as follows: Economic left/right was -3.00 and for Socila Libertarian/Authoritarian was -2.15. This rating puts me in the same quadrant as Nelson Mandela, The Dahlia Lama and Gandhi.  I found this to be very interersting in several areas.  Obviously, my social upbringing and my economic class are very different than these individuals. I don’t know what it is like to be poor, disadvantaged, or to be the subject of discrimination by society.  However, I do have very strong beliefs that everyone should be offered the same standards or living, that discrimination of any kind is socially wrong and that not government or corporation is more important than any person within society. I am a little concerned that on the International Chart some of our current or recent political leaders fall into the Neo-Liberalism quadrant.  Is this the area that defines what a true political leader should be or are they simply a product of the current state of the global picture.  I’m hoping this is the case because it is my belief that a leader who would rate closer to the center would have a more diverse opinion of the realities of today.

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