Media Analysis Week Five

Major News Story

“The federal government is considering its options for handling a threat by Air Canada flight attendants to walk off the job as early as Thursday.

The 6,800 flight attendants have rejected a tentative deal reached between their union and the airline and are poised to go on strike at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the union said in a news release Sunday.

Air Canada said it hopes to avoid a work stoppage but will maintain a partial schedule in the event of a strike.

Customers who have already bought tickets to fly over the next six days will be allowed to change their travel dates at no charge, the airline said.”

I thought this was a major news story considering how Air Canada is like biggest airline company operating in Canada. If this airline shuts down then many people will be without access to the places they need to go. This could affect peoples jobs, family and their lives in general. This would be a huge change to many Canadians.

Under-reported Story

“Germany is denying accusations it has been using malicious software to spy on people through their computers.

The Chaos Computer Club, one of Europe’s premier “white hat” hacker organizations, said over the weekend it was sent a copy of a piece of malware that is derived from a program German authorities use to use to snoop on suspected criminals.

The malware allows a cyberattacker to snatch data from a victim’s hard drive, upload programs remotely and run them, and use a computer’s camera and microphone for surveillance, the group said.

It also has weaknesses that could permit anyone to use its features, to plant falsified evidence on someone’s computer or possibly to even log in to government servers and compromise them, the club said.

It did not provide any evidence that any German security services were behind the malware, classified as a Trojan horse because it enters systems apparently benignly with the ultimate goal of exploiting them. But the group said the software is essentially the same as a program that federal authorities use to wiretap voice-over-internet phone calls”

I feel as though this story should be out more considering how this might be happening in places other then Germany. This could be happening in many countries and we have no idea. This kind of news needs to be adresseed to everyone because people need to be aware of how to protect themselves from crimes like this one. In todays society there is no privacy online or on computers in general and people need to realize that.

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