Pols 1303A1 Quiz One Part 2.0

Quote #2.
This quote speaks to the dynamics of political socialization and the perspective of the media. During this time of crisis the media was focused on what was happening day to day in terms of the conflict between the native warriors and the soilders of the Canadian Army. The media did not attempt to tell the historical facts of what lead to actions of the native people because that would have no interest to the Canadian public at large. The government of the day was mostly interested in returning things to the previous normal state because this was the expectation of Canadians and it would eliminate the perception of conflict with Aboriginal communities. This quote highlights the fact that sensational news sells and quiet government is desired by politicians.

Quote #4
This quote refers to a classic circumstance when one elected government must follow through on the work and commitments of a previous government. In this case, the Liberal party needed to move forward the recommendations of the RCAP which was created by the Conservatives. Through the use of its political power as a result of being elected, the Liberals only acted on a few of the 100 recommendations. This allowed them to demonstrate that they were sensitive to the Aboriginal peoples but were not obliged to follow through on the commitment of the previous government. The result was most likely the development of more mistrust between the Aboriginal communities and the federal governemnt.

Quote #5
In a strange twist of circumstance the actual concept of power rested with the warriors as opposed to the forces of the federal government through the use of the Canadian miltary. While the native warriors were small in number in comparison to the military they held a large degree of power simply by there determination and passion for what they believe in. This caused the situation to gain unbelievable media coverage over a long period of time. Not only did this help the natives to gain support, it always put the government under a microscope for every decision it made and every action it took. Clearly this is an example of how power can achieved even though a group may not have the authority or resources as their opponent but their strategy and determination gave them the true power in the situation.

Quote #8 (“Red Hot” pg 185)
This piece of artwork is simple in its design and layout but it is powerful in its messaging. The artist used the newspaper articles and photos surrounding the events which occured over a period of time and brought them together to deliver a powerful image and strong message in single piece of art. I found it unique that an artist would use the work of others, in this case newspaper reporters, and create her own work of art that delivered a collection of important media messaging in one single form. This demonstrates the power of the media and the power of artist to present the same stories in a different form.

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