POLS 1303A1 Quiz One Part 2.1

Robert Houle from the book Land Spirt Power
“For the people of Kanestà:ke and Kahnawake it was state terrorism, the act of war without a declaration of war, so that there is no formal protection of civil rights or internationally regulated political rights……Ironically, the warriors used the western patriarchically controlled mediascape to disseminate their own rehetoric of a democratic politics based on matriarchal principles of rule; this is, on the traditional form of the Longhouse society, which is not ruled by the technocratic specialists of the war machine. That is what made the warriors ‘look’ dangerous – they presnted a face not recognized by or fully understandable to the non-native military machine”

This quote on page 174 demonstrates the perception of power depending on how a person is involved or looks at a certain situation. In this case, the warriors actually used the media to generate its control within the standoff and this was probably a more powerful weapon in their cause then any form of violence may have been. Power was also achieved because the military was not use to dealing with such opposition. This in itself provided the warriors with a degree of power that they themselves probably did not count on. Clearly this demonstrates that the potential strengths of an opponent can be used against them. The military as well as the federal government were being watched by Canadians with a more critical eye than the unknown warriors with whom they were confronting.

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